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Member since: Dec. From the episode "Employee of the Month" Comment and Subscribe!. Krabs" SpongeBob yells, adapting a fake accent.

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Your looks, are sweeter than honey, From your pickles to your buns, It ain't even funnyooaaooooaaa! note: this is only the picture, i couldnt get the video but the link is in the video. Pancake-manJul 22,

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SorcierDesGlaces 29 apr After twelve hours, he finally finished jerking off his tentacle penis. Spongebob tried to hide face as Squidward's naked body came closer to. How old are you?

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In fact, she secretly wanted to do everyone in town. Look at the blue guy there. Tell me what that is if that's not a penis! I showed this picture to my friend and he said: "That's not a penis, stupid. And if you skip to in this song: Oh baby, I love you so strong, That's why I'm singing this song.

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Member Level 27 Gamer. SpongeBob SquarePants - Fish dick. did you know? There's a blue fish on Spongebob which can be found in muliple. Share Pin. Skip. Load 11 Comments . He's a sponge, he reproduces by budding.

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Probably the only good article Buzz feed put out. Spongebob is based off of a sponge, so no he doesn't have a penis. JCW__ 28 apr He's been naked like 8 times on screen. Forfeited 28 apr Ah, it's Goo Lagoon.

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StylobeanMar 12, No, because Spongebob is on cable television, which is not overseen by the FCC. what, fish penis not a part of your childhood? .. Kirikou shows naked boobs for 1hr30 and no kid ever was ever shocked by that. It's the. I remember an episode from tv where squidward pulled down his gymnastics uniform and he had a boner but no balls.

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Confirmed - fish have small pen0rs.

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Krabs stanky liquid shit to you or me, but to Bikini Bottom, it's where hookers unwind and undress Okay, I remember yeaaaarrsss ago seeing the Spongebob movie with times when I randomly saw these characters naked or in whitey-tidies. his pink dick and spongebob pointed and said "patrick your penis is showing".

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Date Posted: Feb 24, 9. There's a blue fish on SpongeBob which can be found in multiple episodes warning: to find this, don't just type in "blue penis" into google. Member since: Jun.