Are cry and cheyenne still dating 2017

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Like… obvious too much. Audio from his stream on 01/07/ .. I assume Cry and Cheyenne are still together, so I'm guessing that's why she. But, they've never really communicated with us before so Jund saying she's "MIA" isn't out of the realm of possible excuses.

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If we want Cry to continue picking himself up and staying as positive as he has been…we can't let these images out. Cry and Cheyenne broke up a long while ago, and Cheyenne is doing her own thing and has a gf now What are the details of their break up?. I don't really care if anyone believes it or not.

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Ya'll are the ones bringing her up. donate hi. i'm cheyenne. i slept with a youtuber and all i got was this stupid blog. think Cry and I were ever legally not supposed to be together. I just went and checked out the cryaotic tag just to see if it's still alive and one. You can just tell by how they act too, though.

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I don't really care if anyone believes it or not. Fans have commented about how abusive Cheyenne seems and are And yeah, on Lolcow a lot of people figure Cry is afraid to break up with. But like you said, it's just flirting.

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I think she found it originally via googling herself. CryaoticVerified account. @CryWasTaken Business email: cryaotic@getader. com. They act like it's so hard to just type in what you wanna say on here.

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She's an annoying attention whore. @CryWasTaken @_daaes Dude I get shes your girlfriend, but she said she was . @ScottJund @CryWasTaken @_daaes Still a joke, Jund. But yeah, if you want someone to blame about not treating Cry like a human, I'd say blame Cheyenne.

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Can she get even more obvious here, is it even possible? Holy shit o.o drama bomb went off big time (Btw yes the first pic is reposted - but just for context of what's going on) -K. Because I don't think that counts.

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Cry hasn't announced it because he doesn't want to deal with Cheyenne freaking out and Cheyenne wants to pretend they're still together for as long as possible to still stay relevant.

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In a way I guess I am since this is the most outspoken area that's not affected by ass kissers, but it also highlights just how shit the situation actually is, when you get post after post or piles of evidence that cry is in a really bad place and needs to get out of it, but probably doesn't know how.

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Trigger warnings plz. Spoon's girlfriend is great, I'd be pissed if that happened.