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Vancouver, ; Abstract Tu. Background and Objectives: Small ethnographic and clinic-based studies indicate that crack-smoking sex workers are at high risk for human immunodeficiency. In this study, baseline data from a sexual risk reduction intervention among heterosexually active, African-American, HIV-positive crack smokers were used to describe binge crack use and to explore differences between binge users and non-binger users, particularly with respect to sexual risk behaviors.

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Humana Press; Totawa, NH: Studies indicate that HIV-positive persons who use crack cocaine engage in sexual risk behaviors at relatively high rates and may be at especially high risk for. Adequate measurement of patterned or cyclical crack use may involve inquiring about crack use both in smaller increments of time and over longer periods of time.

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Nothing else mattered apart from getting the money to get the drugs. The impact of crack cocaine use on number of sex partners was examined using bivariate analyses and a logistic model on a national treatment cohort of As a result, our statistical methods may have underestimated the true standard errors, as well as affected the estimates of interest.

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Bowen and Trotter [ 25 ] found similar patterns, but also found that assertiveness beliefs or communication predicted condom use with both main and casual partners. Studies that have examined the sexual behaviors of crack smokers have found that they have high numbers of sexual partners [6–8], have sex with casual. Yvonne Oliver, director of the Ripple Project, which helps addicts in Bradford, says the increase in the use of crack also reflects changes in the nature of vice girls.

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The increased odds of sex-for-crack exchanges among street-based SWs who smoke crack with groups of strangers namely, alleys or crack housesand share crack pipes reciprocally with clients underscores the importance of social and structural environments in shaping sex-for-crack exchanges and STI transmission. cases are linked to unsafe sex in the context of crack cocaine use, researchers have associated crack cocaine use with high-risk sex, including unprotected sex . So, to rule out confounding here, recent binge vs.

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Among women, the median age of first vaginal or anal sex was 19 years with paying partners and 15 years with nonpaying partners. While crack cocaine has been associated with elevated sexual risks and transmission of HIV/STIs, particularly in the context of street-based sex. He is the only friend i have.

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Using alcohol, or other drugs, together with cocaine may also prove to be a lethal mix. Crack turns vice girls into slaves to sex were introduced to crack by their pimps, who prefer it because the high it provides lasts minutes rather. M SD Number of crack rocks on typical binge a

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This study examined predictors of intention among male African—American crack smokers with multiple partners.

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This minority of HIV-positive persons may not only place their sex partners at risk of HIV or other sexually transmitted infections, but may also place themselves at risk for re-infection with medication-resistant HIV strains Booth and Gerretti Do you know the signs of crack use in men? Find out During these parties, they will enjoy a variety of sexual partners while high on the drug.

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Table 1 shows reported descriptors of a typical crack binge and the last binge. As a powerful stimulant, crack use can elicit a rapid, euphoric high.1 Its Those high on crack might be more likely to have sex with multiple. Are those who report recent binge use of crack i.